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A high-quality seagrass basket takes a lot of time, careful attention, and dedication from the artisans to create. We work hard to create the highest quality products at every stage, combined with intelligent design and development.


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Choosing Material

Local farmers gather the finest seagrass fibers during the initial stage of making a seagrass basket, in order to reduce the environmental impact of shipping. Seagrass harvesting is a very difficult operation that needs a lot of endurance and strength. The ideal months to pick seagrass are May and September. Our farmers must work on fields from dusk until dawn the following day in order to prevent water loss due to the intense heat of the sun during the daytime. Farmers must therefore brush off the grass and separate the short sedge layers after cutting the root.


After receiving the seagrass, the following step is for it to clean itself of any adhering filth and get rid of any bad smells. It is extremely simple to clean; all you need to do is spray it with clean water and smack it to break up any clinging dirt.


The next ledge is drying. The sun is the quickest way to dry it, and you can sunbathe while drying the seagrass. The seagrass must be exposed to the sun at its warmest point after the sedge is split in order to develop a robust, resilient texture and stunning color.


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Making basket

Fibers are divided, twisted, or braided depending on the design of the final goods as the first step in the processing of fibers. The process of splitting requires a lot of time and work because if the sedge is not divided in a timely manner, splitting will be quite challenging.


The main technique that gives fibers aesthetic life is hand weaving, which comes next. The craftsman will start weaving the basket once the material has been prepared, dried, and mold-treated. Our artists give their utmost to creating the highest-quality handicrafts. They use their century-old, expert workmanship to weave the craft entirely by hand.

For the most contemporary designs, the artists artistically investigate market trends. The weavers utilize their vast experience to determine the most efficient weaving method after they get the designs. The weaving skills of artists are so advanced that they can braid leaves extremely quickly. We anticipate that the artists' professional and happy enthusiasm will permeate the weaves and the entire process.


The craftsman will then shape, clean, and dry the dirt in accordance with global quality standards. They are then carefully wrapped, retouched, and sent to a joyful refuge somewhere in the world. We carefully package the handicrafts with enthusiasm for our long history of craftsmanship. These skillful steps have been passed down from generation to generation along with creativity and invention to continually improve product quality.

This material produces high-quality, fashionable objects at reasonable prices.

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