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Vietnam traditional village 

Vietnam has been a major producer and exporter of seagrass products for many years. Ninh Binh Province has a long history of producing seagrass plants and the handicrafts made from them, which are exported to more than 20 countries and territories worldwide. The price of seagrass goods is low despite the fact that they are made of natural materials, durable, gorgeous, and come in a wide range of styles and colors.

Làng nghề Đan lát Bao La, nơi giữ gìn nét đẹp truyền thống nghề mây tre đan  xứ Huế -

People in Vietnam still hold on to the conviction that this age-old profession will continue to advance due to their decades of bravery and passion for the papyrus industry. The traditional Vietnamese values have been preserved and brought to the world thanks to Seagrass Material.


A gift from nature

Cỏ biển seagrass là gì? Công dụng và thực trạng - IAS Links


Seagrass is supple and glossy, acting as a thread to join the water and the coast. It is intimately related to the hardworking people's way of life in this sunny and windy area. According to the locals, the cultivation of seagrass involves comparable steps to those of rice: weeding, scouring, fertilizing, drying, draining, and transplanting the seagrass. Seagrass that has just been harvested is split, dried, and sold in the market before being woven into various items. 

The current transition from traditional to contemporary designs, which complement the most recent home decor craze in Western countries, has led to high demand for these goods. Seagrass crafts are both authentic and environmentally friendly. Additionally, they blend beautifully with any interior because of the innovative, artistic, and earthy patterns they use.

Harvesting seagrass

The method of growing and producing seagrass is extremely precise in order to produce a handicraft product of export standard. Every step of the process, including planting, harvesting, selecting, splitting, drying, and dying seagrass, calls for precision.

The optimum balance of saltwater and freshwater in farming determines the quality of seagrass fibers. To avoid mistakes, the reformer must be accurate, the cabbage must be quick, flexible, and soft, and the right eye must be keen.

Our artisans

Seagrass now openly affirms people's positions in addition to providing them with additional revenue to improve their lives. The people here continue to support the spirit of conservation, passed down through the years, and help the seagrass weaving business grow stronger out of their belief in and deep affection for the craft, which is a source of national pride.

Làng nghề mây tre đan Phú Nghĩa: Đau đáu nỗi lo mai một

Our artists are passionate about combining the traditional weaving into their work because they inherited not just the weaving technique but also the love of workmanship. All steps in this technique must be performed manually. Therefore, in order to produce the best handcrafted goods, our artisans must have extensive knowledge and excellent techniques that have been continuously developed over the years.

Making a handcrafted item gives their family better support, but it also gives them a way to tell a narrative and share their history and heritage.