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Set of 3 Seagrass Wicker Baskets for Shelves - Low


Set of 3 Wicker Baskets


Large Basket: 15.5"L x 10.6"W x 5.5"H

Medium Basket: 13.4"L x 9.3"W x 4.9"H

Small Basket: 11.7"L x 7.9"W x 4.3"H

[A Gift from Vietnam]

Using resources from the region, these wicker storage basket are created in Vietnam. The duplication of our products is done entirely by hand. This charming basket will brighten your environment and provide a touch of nature into your comfy home. Place it in your favorite rooms to bring life to the area.

[Why you must have it]

Whether are you looking for an easy and classic storage solution or for the perfect decorative piece to accent your room's decor, our wicker baskets are the perfect choice for you. With the aid of these wicker baskets, the kitchen, bathroom, cabinets, hutch, closet, and entertainment center can all be arranged and optimized. It offers a quick and easy way to place all of your possessions and essentials.

[Handmade by natural material]

As natural seagrass are among the fastest-growing plants, harvesting them for use in commerce also has environmental benefits. These natural woven baskets are perfect for your home's kitchen, pantry, or bathroom because of their distinctive thick weave, which creates a colorful, textured appearance.

[Design for every home]

These seagrass basket are practical and simple to store in desks, drawers, shelves, and other areas of the house. The baskets are made to last because they are naturally woven from water hyacinth and have a sturdy wire frame. These multi-purpose baskets are a delightful complement to any space and provide a useful and traditionally elegant storage solution.


To avoid moisture and steam, always keep the baskets in a dry and open space. Regularly clean the wicker baskets with a dry towel and then expose them to the sun once every 2 weeks


With our famous 100% satisfaction, you can have peace of mind. If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase—if it breaks, if it's damaged in shipping, or any other reason—simply let us know and we will definitely assist you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
I love Jewelry
Beautiful storage

Well made sturdy set of baskets. Versatile storage solutions. Timeless style.

Sturdy baskets

The fabric feels strong and sturdy. They look exactly the same as the description photo. Suitable for a farmhouse style. I use them to store some kitchen things. Like them.

The soft look of the woven seagrass over the steel frame makes for strong, pretty baskets.

This set of baskets is great for open shelf storage when you either want to show off what is in the baskets -- or you want to be able to quickly get at the items. The woven seagrass ends are tightly wrapped into the woven fibers so they won't unravel. The baskets show every sign of being hand woven with care. The color is a soft beige, which I assume is the natural color of dried seagrasses.The boxes are sturdy and nice enough looking for open shelving.

Awesome set

These look so nice around my beach cottage. Super well made and they smell nice too.

Beautiful Seagrass Baskets.

These three baskets can be stacked together. The seagrass has a fresh and natural smell. Some of the strands stick out a bit but add to the natural appearance. The sides are sturdy and strong. I plan to use these on my shelve to store hats, socks and Knick knacks. Perfect for our coastal themed room