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Large Seagrass Wicker Basket Rectangular for Shelves - High


A Wicker Baskets


Large Basket: 14.5"L x 10.3"W x 7.2"H

[Vietnam custom]

Vietnam has a long-standing tradition of manufacturing baskets from Seagrass. A little touch of nature will enter your warm house through this charming basket, brightening the area. Your favorite areas will be given fresh vitality by it. You may put it anyplace in your area.

[Keeping your area tidy]

Neutral-toned hues that complement any interior design style are available in our selection of wicker baskets. Despite having a simple appearance, they are strong and movable because to their basic construction, allowing them to be set up on different tables and cabinets. Along with keeping your space neat, they will gladly carry your cookware, workplace materials, and children's toys.

[Organic material]

This storage basket was handmade by Vietnamese craftspeople using organic materials. These have been skillfully built with a solid iron frame and just native Seagrass. You can carry the wicker basket more easily since it features lovely wooden handles on both sides. If the handles are removed, you can move everything at once with ease.

[A basket for storage]

By utilizing wood handles and a light neutral hue, you may give a feeling of comfort and elegance. It is a stylish decoration that, owing to its woven rectangular shape and cut-out handles, complements any lodge or cabin well. It is possible to assemble the set on cabinets or tables and it is transportable. Both as decorative and a storage basket, it has several uses!


To avoid moisture and steam, always keep the baskets in a dry and open space. Regularly clean the wicker baskets with a dry towel and then expose them to the sun once every 2 weeks


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Customer Reviews

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Solid firm basket

It comes wrapped in plastic in a box.No damage. Sturdy basket. It indicates it should be exposed to the sun every 2 weeks to prevent mold. It is nice but a little pricey for a wicker basket.